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Child Custody

There are three main types of child custody arrangements, which are common In Ontario divorce. So, when writing up a Separation Agreement or disputing this issue in court, the parents (or the judge) shall choose an arrangement that is most appropriate for the particular divorce case.

  • Joint custody

Joint custody implies that both parents have custody rights. There are two types of joint custody - Legal and Physical. Joint legal custody means that parties have equal decision-making authority during the process of raising a child. Joint physical custody means that each parent shall spend no less than 40% of the time with the child.

  • Sole custody

This type of custody implies that the child lives with the parent who has primary custody, and this parent does not need to negotiate with the other parent while making any significant decisions concerning the child's life. Wherein, the other parent has visitation rights if granted by the court.

  • Split custody

Split custody can be ordered when there is more than one child in the family. Each parent can have custody of a different child.

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