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Divorce in Ontario is quick and easy
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Get Your Divorce Forms Completed Online

The online interview we provide allows you to obtain completed Ontario divorce forms customized following the specific circumstances of your divorce case and the Canada Divorce Act within a couple of days. We take away the hassle of hunting down the forms and having to learn how to fill them out yourself by taking care of all paperwork matters from start to finish.
We provide you with:
  • All Required Ontario State Forms.
  • Ontario-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Online Divorce Without a Lawyer in Ontario

An uncontested divorce can be handled without a lawyer in the Province of Ontario. Moreover, all the necessary paperwork for such a case can be completed online via our service. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and receive your unique divorce forms completed in the shortest terms by email.

Just print them, sign them, and take them to the relevant court for filing. If you have any questions, our qualified customer support team will provide you with more detailed information concerning the filing process. We also give our customers unlimited free revisions and free name change services.

The simple steps for filing your divorce with DIY Ontario Online Divorce are as follows:
  • Fill out our simple online questionnaire.
  • Divorce forms are custom generated for you. Print them out or we will mail them to you.
  • File the documents with your local court clerk.
  • Follow the official state procedure according to the instructions to get your divorce finalized by the judge.

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Customer Testimonials
Brandy L.
so far the experience has been great and helpful, customer service got back to me right away. I will know how to properly evaluate once this is complete.
Review stars
Debbie F.
This experience was basically straight to the point. It is easy enough to understand.
Review stars
Ann N.
The forms were quick and easy, very easy to understand. Had no issuers with the filling process
Review stars
Tanya M.
To file and have prep done for my divorce, this was the best decision. I didn't have to go to courthouse or wait on a lawyer for what I believe to be a simple, clear cut case as it's a mutual decision between to adults that have not only married with children but grew up together from young kids. Not every relationship is a statistic of a negative outcome. Having this route to ge that each of us want works best so thank you for it!😎
Review stars
Ryland M.
I've waited years to try to find the time to file with the court they made it so easy and affordable thank you so much OOD.
Review stars
John M.
Very user friendly and perfect with non complex divorces. Price is fair and reasonable.
Review stars
Angela B.
I’m in Ontario, Canada and was skeptical of this service. I’ve been trying to divorce for 7 years and have spent over $25,000.00 in lawyer fees trying to do so. Ive gotten no where. This service is easy to use, quick to respond, and allows me the opportunity to file for divorce without a lawyer. My X won’t sign anything. I’m praying now the judge will grant the divorce regardless and set me free.
Review stars
Stephanie B.
It was quick and easy. Very helpful and would definitely encourage friends to use this service
Review stars
Ophelia F.
I found it very easy to complete my divorce papers on line with this company. It was not complicated and it was straight forward and understandable.
Review stars